Turnkey automatic room extinguishing system

Fire Eater supplies turnkey room extinguishing systems with Inergen – a so-called ARS system. An Inergen system is among the most personal safe room extinguishing systems that you can find on the market.

The extinguishing method itself is based on oxygen displacement. This means concretely that the oxygen content in the room where Inergen is triggered will be lowered from approx. 20.9% to a level around between 12 to 14%. The low oxygen level means that there is not enough oxygen to feed a fire, which therefore goes out.

The unique thing about Inergen is that, where other extinguishing methods of this type only lower the oxygen level, 8% CO 2 has been added to Inergen, which means that the body (brain and muscles) can better absorb the oxygen during an activation of the ARS system. This makes this solution personal safe.

At the same time, the solution is one of the most sustainable, as Inergen consists exclusively of naturally occurring gases that are already in the atmosphere (nitrogen 52%, argon 40% and carbon dioxide 8%). This means that the environment is not affected when a plant is activated. No chemicals are used. The greenhouse effect is zero, and there is no impact on the ozone layer. You could say that we borrow existing gases, use them to put out a fire and deliver them back in exactly the same condition.

What does a turnkey Inergen solution include?

  • A control panel

  • One or more detection units

  • A trigger press

  • Alarm boards

  • Pressure bottles with Inergen

  • Pipe system with nozzles

Automatisk rumslukningsanlæg med Inergen

1. Kontrolpanelet

The control panel is the control unit in an ARS system. The entire process of an activation to extinguish a fire is coordinated from this unit. It is self-monitoring and ensures that all bottles of Inergen and the wire connections in the circuit are functioning properly and ready for use. If it detects an error which could mean that the system is not functional, the control panel sounds an alarm so that it is possible to rectify the error.

Most error messages can be solved on the spot by using the operating instructions.

Kontrolpanel Automatisk rumslukningsanlæg

2. Detektering

The purpose of the detection units is to quickly detect a fire so that it can be extinguished immediately and the damage can be minimized. Typically, a fire is extinguished in less than 40 seconds.

Fire Eater recommends that an ARS system contains a two-circuit detector solution, where both detectors send a fire alarm before the system is activated. The total number of detectors depends on the size of the room.

We always come up with our offer for the right detection, which depends on the nature of the room and the requirements for how quickly a fire must be detected. It is possible to choose between several different detection units.

You can choose between a point detection such as optical smoke and or thermal detectors or a highly sensitive aspiration system.  Where there is a need for very early detection, we recommend using aspiration systems. The detectors also detect fire under an installation floor or above a suspended ceiling.

Detektering i Automatisk rumslukningsanlæg

3. Udløsertryk

Trigger pressure is typically installed at all escape routes. It allows for manual activation of the room extinguishing system. People in the room can initiate the activation of Inergen when they are on their way out the door by pressing the release button. It is possible for the control panel to send a signal to an ABDL system, which can ensure that all doors are automatically closed to keep Inergen inside the room where the fire is.

Automatisk rumslukningsanlæg

4. Alarmtableauer

Alarm panels emit acoustic and visual alarms, which start to light up and howl when an activation is initiated. It is located above the access door to the room where the Inergen fire extinguishing system is installed. For the first 30 seconds, there is a pulsating sound from the siren, then the sound changes to become continuous. When the sound is persistent, the actual activation has started.

We recommend that people leave the room during activation.

Automatisk rumslukningsanlæg med Inergen - ARS

5. Trykflasker med Inergen

Inergen is stored in pressure bottles of varying sizes and under 200 or 300 bar pressure. They can be placed both inside the protected room or outside. Most people choose for the bottles to stand upright, but they can also be laid down. This provides great flexibility when the solution needs to be installed.

A manometer is mounted at the top of the bottles, which shows the pressure in the bottle itself. This makes it easy to read whether the bottles are full or empty. Empty bottles can be easily refilled.

If the pressure in a bottle drops, the control panel will automatically display an alarm. This ensures that the facility is functional at all times.

The bottles are emptied when an activation has been manually initiated, or if the control panel has detected a fire and subsequently activates the system. For refills contact Fire Eater on phone 4068 2769. We start the task no later than 24 hours after we have received notification of an activation.

Inergen flaske Automatisk rumslukningsanlæg

6. Trykaflastningsspjæld

When an Inergen system is activated, an overpressure occurs in the protected space. An excess pressure that it is important to equalize so that the fire can be extinguished under controlled conditions. It is the task of the pressure relief valve to equalize the pressure. The size and number of pressure relief dampers are adapted to each individual solution.

Automatisk rumslukningsanlæg

7. Rørsystem med dyser

The Inergen is led out via a pipe system to nozzles, which spread the Inergen in the protected space. The pipe system is adapted to the individual installation. You can choose between several different types of nozzles, depending on whether they are to be visible or hidden. There is also the option of choosing a nozzle silencer. They are typically used in data centers to protect data during activation.

Inergen trykaflastningsspjæld

If you want to know more about Inergen and our solutions, write to us.

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