Personsikker brandslukning til søs - Does INERGEN deplete ozone levels?

Does INERGEN deplete ozone levels?

Inergen has neither an ozone depleting potential (ODP) nor a global warming potential (GWP); Inergen is safe for humans and a sustainable, 100% environmentally neutral fire extinguishing solution. It does not contain any PFAS or PFOS.

Inergen was invented in the early eighties by Torbjørn Laursen from Fire Eater. It was one of the first real environmentally friendly fire-extinguishing solution on the market.

The purpose in developing Inergen was to arrive at an effective fire protection technology that both protected valuable assets and did not contain chemicals with a harmful effect on the environment.

Previously, halon had been used in both fixed fire-extinguishing systems and portable fire extinguishers. Research showed that halon was ozone depleting and it was subsequently phased out of the market under the Montreal Protocol. In halon’s wake, more chemical gases were gradually employed. In the 1990s, these chemical solutions became part of several fire protection systems. It has since been shown, among other things, that these chemical substances have a negative impact on global warming (GWP). As a consequence, production of ​​these chemical substances has been significantly reduced – a necessity if we want to achieve the climate goals needed to secure our planet in the future.

Does INERGEN deplete ozone levels?