Effektive fire protection of batteries

Fire protection of batteries with Inergen

The prevalence of batteries has increased sharply in recent years in line with the green transition. With an energy density that is higher than in other batteries, lithium batteries pose a significantly greater fire hazard.

Fires involving batteries are associated with a high risk of explosion, extensive damage and toxic fumes. In a worst case, the fire could cost lives. Should a fire occur, there is a considerable risk that it will get out of control and thus lead to large financial losses.

With Inergen, we can help you create an effective solution that is adapted to your needs and which gives you security in everyday life.

5 good reasons to use Inergen fire protections

  • Extremely sensitive detectors lead to rapid detection of fire.

  • Rapid extinguishing – even if the battery is hidden away.

  • Suppression of re-ignition.

  • Leaves no consequential damage to buildings or materials.

  • Harmless to humans.

Inergen ensures effective firefighting and early detection

The causes of fire in batteries may often be a short circuit, lack of maintenance or extreme heat exposure for example. Regulations for the fire protection of batteries have not yet been passed, so how this is handled varies enormously.

An Inergen system is specially designed to react quickly and efficiently and to deal with fires where water and chemicals are not the solution.

The system is characterised by the particularly sensitive detectors, which can detect a fire before it develops. This makes it particularly suitable for fires that result from short circuits or smouldering.

Inergen is a highly effective extinguishing method and can penetrate cavities, circulate through stacks etc. where water, for example, has difficulty entering.

Why use Inergen for firefighting?

It extinguishes the fire quickly
Effective over longer periods
Harmless to materials, people and the environment.
Prevents secondary damage.

How Inergen extinguishes fire involving batteries

An Inergen system is designed to respond quickly to fire and incipient fire. The swift response is owing to sensitive detectors which are set up in the room where the battery is located. As soon as a fire is detected, Inergen is released via an array of nozzles. This sufficiently lowers the oxygen level in the room to put out the fire and suppress re-ignition. Inergen is harmless to humans so it is therefore safe to remain in the room.



Inergen cannot control ‘thermal runaway’ in batteries.

Fire Eater A/S firefighting

Which solutions should you choose for fire protection of batteries?

In Fire Eater, we have a wide range of special solutions that make our system suitable for both small and large spaces. It is possible, for example, to place the Inergen cylinders in a separate room if, perhaps, there is insufficient space where the battery is located. It is also quick and easy to expand the system to cover other spaces in the building.

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