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Effective, safe-for-people fire protection for business customers

As an insurance company, it is important to be able to advise customers so that they do their best to prevent and avoid fire in their business. The right fire protection solution may even result in a lower premium if the risk of fire is minimal.

Inergen – an effective, automatic extinguishing system

More and more businesses and insurance companies are becoming aware of the use of an Inergen system. This is an automatic extinguishing system that releases a specially developed gas for the fire protection of inventory and buildings. The gas reduces the oxygen percentage in the room to less than approx. 15%, thus extinguishing the fire quickly and efficiently. What’s more, it is perfectly safe to remain in a room where an Inergen system is in operation.

Inergen fire protection is most often utilised to protect against fire in enclosed spaces, but can also provide benefits in protecting warehouse robots, for example.

5 good reasons why companies should choose Inergen

  • Automatically triggers and extinguishes a fire in less than 40 seconds.

  • Leaves no consequential damage to buildings, inventory or goods.

  • Prevents re-ignition and can penetrate hidden cavities where fire often spreads.

  • Safe for humans – consists of 100% natural gases which are in the atmosphere.

  • No loss of revenue – operations can be resumed immediately.

Fire protection of companies – without the use of water and chemicals

An Inergen system extinguishes a fire completely without the use of water and chemicals. When a detector detects a fire, the Inergen is released via a series of installed nozzles and the oxygen level in the room is lowered sufficiently to put out a fire. A medical report consider it safe for a person to remain in a room where an Inergen system is activated.

One big advantage of Inergen is that no cleaning-up is necessary after a system has been activated. If water or foam is used for fire-extinguishing, there is often a great deal of cleaning-up to do, meaning substantial delays before the company is up and running again. This costs time and money, let alone any inventory or goods that may be damaged and must be thrown away.

Sustainable solution, harmless to our environment

Inergen consists solely of gases which are present in the atmosphere (nitrogen, argon and a little CO2). This makes this solution completely harmless to the environment.

Come to the ‘inspiration meeting’ and experience a live demonstration

We hold regular ‘inspiration meetings’, where you can gain an in-depth knowledge of Inergen fire protection and what that means for equipment, buildings and people if it is activated.

You will also be presented with any relevant news or cases in relation to keeping up to date on developments and opportunities for the best fire protection.

During the meeting, you will also have the opportunity of experiencing a full-scale demonstration with Inergen and really feeling what it’s like. We are able to do this because it is safe to stay in a room where a system has been activated.

Meetings take approx. 2 hours.


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    Everyone knows that the most effective way to put out a fire is to remove the oxygen. This system, however, is so smart that people can remain on the premises even while it is in operation

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