Fire protection of dangerous goods

How to avoid fire and consequential damage with Inergen

If you are dealing with dangerous goods (e.g. chemicals), it is extremely important to have a fire protection solution that can rapidly detect and extinguish a fire before it develops. A fire in an area containing hazardous goods may develop in record time and can lead to extensive damage, production stoppages and major financial consequences. You should also be aware that some forms of fire protection, such as foam or water deluge systems, for example, cause consequential damage. This often means a great deal of cleaning-up work, and it may take considerable time before operations are back to normal.

A fire protection solution with Inergen gives you peace of mind and ensures effective extinguishing – without consequential damage and downtime should a fire occur.

5 good reasons for using Inergen fire protection

  • Early fire detection.

  • Effective ‘3D-extinguishing’ – Inergen penetrates all empty spaces, such as those on shelves or in stacks, for example.

  • Safe for people to be in the room when the system is activated.

  • No consequential damage to materials and goods – quick resumption of operations.

  • Inergen fire protection solutions obtain the authorities’ approval in almost all cases.

Inergen means you avoid expenses for consequential damage and clean-up work

Fire protection with an Inergen system is both effective and safe when it comes to hazardous goods such as chemicals that, owing to their flammability, place special demands on the chosen fire-fighting method. An Inergen system typically extinguishes a fire in less than 40 seconds and prevents reignition.

A major advantage of Inergen is that it does not cause consequential damage. This is because it is made up of natural gases. This means that you can save on the time and cleaning-up costs incurred after fire extinguishing with water or foam. You can quickly resume operations almost as if nothing has happened. Inergen is a safe solution for both the environment and people, and your colleagues can safely stay in the room where Inergen is released.

With an Inergen system from Fire Eater, you get a fire protection solution produced to the very highest quality.

Why use Inergen for firefighting?

Extinguishes fire rapidly and effectively – typically in 40 seconds.
No re-ignition later. It extinguishes the fire completely.
Harmless to people if present in the stockroom.
Prevents secondary damage.

How Inergen works in relation to dangerous goods

An Inergen solution from Fire Eater uses special sensitive detectors, which react automatically to fire and release Inergen using nozzles.

The Inergen system employs ‘3D-extinguishing’. This means that the Inergen, which is released under pressure, is spread throughout the room – even into the hardest-to-reach places. This makes this extinguishing method extremely effective and suitable for rooms where many products are stored.

Fire Eater A/S firefighting

Which solutions should you choose for fire protection for dangerous goods

Fire Eater has developed a range of special solutions that offer great advantages when used for fire protection for dangerous goods. An Inergen system provides great flexibility, so you can, among other things, install the cylinders outside the room you wish to protect, in a completely separate room, for example. The system may also be extended quickly and easily to cover other areas within the business.

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    Inergen is an easy extinguishing method compared with water or foam. Cleaning up after foam extinguishing, for example, is very costly and it’s highly likely that very many of the products will have to be scrapped afterwards.

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