About Fire Eater

About Fire Eater

Fire Eater A/S was founded in 1974 by Aage Laursen on the basis of his great enthusiasm and motivation to develop new methods.

Initially, the company operated from the Laursen family home, the company staff was no more than husband, wife and family. Today, a generation later, turnover and the number of employees has grown, and the company has moved to a central location in Hillerød. Fire Eater is today an active player in the global market.

Fire Eater A/S has remained true to the founder’s ambition of developing new methods to prevent fire through innovative thinking, great motivation and enthusiasm.

Our philosophy

Fire Eater focuses on creating cutting-edge innovative fire protection products for business applications.

Our goal is to provide fire protection solutions that protect human life, property and the environment.


Important milestones in the history of Fire Eater:

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