Fire protection of data centres

Avoid damage in the event of a fire, with an Inergen system

Overheated servers or a short circuit in a power supply are often the primary cause of fire in a data centre. This results in downtime, loss of valuable data and can have grave consequences for the companies that have their data hosted – and for those responsible for the security of the data centre. Competition today among data centres is fierce, and downtime is any data centre’s worst nightmare. Today, when most businesses rely on being online all the time, downtime has major consequences. Employees are unable to perform their work, customers cannot receive any service. It rapidly takes its toll on reputation and revenue if the servers and the company’s data are not reconnected quickly. The risk of fire can be minimized. By choosing a fire extinguishing system with Inergen®, you will avoid many sleepless nights.

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Hear Martin Andersen, Site Manager at Fuzion Data Center, explain why they have chosen Inergen.

5 good reasons to protect against fire with Inergen in your data centre

  • Automatic room shut-off system – a safe, very reliable solution.

  • No damage to expensive servers, data and server racks.

  • No injuries – even if there are people in the data centre during activation of the Inergen system.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly fire protection – completely harmless to the environment. Inergen is 100% sustainable and consists of naturally occurring gases.

  • No loss of reputation and revenue due to downtime.

Protect Your Data Centre from Fire

24/7 Without exception, accessibility is what we all expect from our IT systems today. This makes data centres particularly sensitive to downtime. We can’t work if we’re unable to access our data and servers. That is why it is especially important to protect data centres from fire. A fire in a data centre can result in huge financial and material losses – and worst of all, human injury. With the right fire extinguishing solution, you can protect your data centre from fire and downtime. Fire protection with Inergen is suitable for use in data centres. Throughout the world, countless data centres use Inergen from Fire Eater with great satisfaction.

Why use Inergen for firefighting?

It extinguishes the fire quickly – typically within 40 seconds.
No subsequent re-ignition. The fire is completely extinguished.
Harmless to humans and equipment.
No secondary damage.

How Inergen works in a data centre

Inergen systems respond quickly and automatically to any fire that may occur in a data centre. As soon as a fire is registered e.g. via an aspiration system, Inergen spreads quickly and efficiently into the room reducing the oxygen level and extinguishing the fire. Although the oxygen level is reduced, it is safe for people to remain in the room.

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Which solutions should you choose for fire protection of a data center?

We tailor the solution to your requirements, and we offer special solutions for data centres, which specifically protect data on the servers. An analysis of the building or the size of the data room etc., can determine precisely which solution is best for you. All systems are dimensioned for the specific room or building to be protected.

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    Inergen is an effective fire protection solution, it is also known to be safe for the environment, which fits well into our green agenda.

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