Watch video and get inspired

This page features videos we hope you will find inspiring where Inergen® fire protection is concerned.

Our aim is to provide videos that you find valuable – not just in the situation where you need to make a decision about which fire extinguishing solution to choose, but also when you have chosen Inergen and require deeper insight into the product. .

Watch: Fire Eater – specialists in fire extinguishing with Inergen

Watch: Fire Eater 3D – how Inergen works

Watch: The film about how Inergen works

Watch: Fire Eater FLEX – a mobile fire extinguishing system in smaller homes and nursing homes

Watch: The presentation of the Fire Eater Partner website

Fire Eater strives to make all relevant information and documentation easy to access for our valued partners

That is why we support you with a dedicated partner site with lots of training material, sales tools and effective marketing activities.

Through Fire Eaters partner site – you will as a partner have access to:

  • Marketing inspiration
  • Product information and documentation
  • Support
  • And easy access to our e-learning training

Watch: Fire Eater’s presentation at Datacenter Forum Copenhagen 2021

Datacenter Forum Inergen film

Top-class service and support

Every day, we strive to provide our customers and partners around the world with the best possible service and support. For us, it is important that you have a positive experience whenever you are in contact with us.

Wherever you are in the world, we are ready to help you when it comes to:

  • In-depth advice
  • Offers
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Cylinder replacement following activation

Your opinion is important

We believe that, in collaboration with our customers and partners, we can develop our company to become even better. That is why we are always open to feedback. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys every year to obtain knowledge about how we are perceived by our customers. Such surveys also provide us with input as to how we can make it even better to be a Fire Eater customer. If you have a suggestion, you are always welcome to contact us.

A service contract is your key to security

To ensure that your Inergen system is fully functional at all times and can extinguish a fire should one occur, we encourage you to sign up to a service contract. Depending on your contract, we will visit you every twelve or six months and conduct a thorough inspection of your Inergen installation. We provide maintenance on an ongoing basis. This is your guarantee that your system can put out a fire at any time before it develops and causes damage.