How Inergen works

The extinguishing principle utilised by Inergen is called oxygen displacement.

The purpose of oxygen displacement is to reduce the oxygen level in the protected area so that the fire cannot “breathe”.

Inergen consists solely of gases that occur naturally in the atmosphere and is completely harmless to humans.

That’s why you should choose Inergen

  • It extinguishes fire quickly – typically in just 40 seconds.
  • Extinguishes fire completely – no re-ignition later.
  • Harmless to people and equipment.
  • Prevents secondary damage.

Inergen. Reliable and sustainable fire extinguishing within 40 seconds.

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Knowledge Forum

Explore our knowledge forum which contains information about both fire extinguishing in general, PFAS and Inergen® in particular.

The Infographics, whitepapers, videos, blogs and webinars will answer many of your questions.

Do like many others have done

You can use Inergen as fire protection in many different environments.
In Denmark alone, we have delivered over 3,500 installations.

Here are 5 good reasons to choose Inergen:

  • No damage to buildings, interior and equipment
  • No injuries to humans
  • Sustainable solution – harmless to the environment
  • No loss of revenue
  • A safe solution – all moving parts are tested after installation

Unmatched safety with Inergen’s Testability

Did you know that the Inergen system from Fire Eater is the only technology in the fire protection market that offers the unique ability to test all moving parts without activating the system? This means that you can check and document that the system is functioning correctly at any time.

Moreover, you can train your personnel in how to operate the system in case of an emergency. Most importantly, you always have the assurance that the system will function correctly in the event of a fire.

We have produced 4 videos focusing on testability and the many advantages with an Inergen system from Fire Eater.

Watch the videos and to gain knowledge about why the Inergen solutions from Fire Eater are the right choice.

Where can you use Inergen?

Fire can have fatal consequences for any business.

The cost in terms of money and resources can rapidly escalate, even if you have insurance that covers fire.

At the same time, a fire often means having to shut down your business for an extended period of time. This costs both in loss of revenue and reputation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you choose a fire extinguishing system with Inergen, you can forget sleepless nights.

  • Buildings

    Fire protection for all types of buildings – including listed buildings, places of residence, production buildings and so on.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Fire protection within pharmaceuticals – including warehouses, production facilities and dangerous goods.

  • Offshore and marine

    Fire protection of vital areas including engine rooms and electrical installations at extraction, production and treatment units within the oil and gas industry, the offshore wind turbine industry, and the marine sector

  • Data centers

    Fire protection of both large data centers and smaller server rooms.

Fire Eater Inergen FLEX

Use fire protection with Inergen in many different environments

Whether you need fire protection of data, archives, storage rooms, warehouse robots, batteries, listed buildings, museums, dangerous goods, cold storage, production lines, engine rooms, nursing homes or something completely different, an Inergen solution can provide optimal protection of your assets and staff.

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Why Fire Eater?

Fight fire with Fire Eater

Fire prevention is your concern, but it’s our expertise. Receive the optimal fire protection system with comprehensive customer support, from system design to maintenance services. With over 40 years of experience with inergen technologies and innovation, we bring hyper-focused knowledge and a proven solution to your data center.

Our systems are meticulously designed and manufactured to adhere to strict standards, undergoing rigorous testing, and certification processes to ensure compliance with international fire safety regulations. We provide customized solutions that cater to your facility’s unique fire protection requirements, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and seamless integration.

By selecting Fire Eater, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to providing the tools that make your job easier.

How it works

How Inergen systems work in a data center

The Inergen® fire suppression system is an automated solution designed to swiftly and effectively extinguish fires. It employs an aspiration system, which incorporates highly sensitive fire detection technology capable of identifying fires in their initial stages. Once a fire is detected, Inergen® is promptly released into the room. Reducing the oxygen level just enough to stop combustion, without posing any risk of harm to individuals present.

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From fireproof to future-proof

Choose a sustainable fire suppression system that benefits your business and the environment.

Inergen is an inert gas that is entirely eco-friendly and sustainable. It is composed of naturally occurring atmospheric gases, including 52% nitrogen, 40% argon, and 8% carbon dioxide.

Inergen is entirely safe to breathe and has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero. Additionally, unlike some fire suppression agents, Inergen leaves no residue and requires no cleanup after discharge. This eliminates the need for extensive cleanup or costly downtime. Making it a cost-effective and future-proof fire suppression system for data centers.

Why Inergen?

Extinguish your risk

Keep people and assets safe with no secondary damage. Inergen® efficiently suppresses fire in just 40 seconds, causing no damage nor harm to people, equipment, or the planet.

Reasons for inergen fire protection in your data center

Quick and automated response time.
Rapid extinguish rate.
Proven and reliable technology.
No subsequent re-ignition.
Harmless to humans.
Automatic room shut-off system.
Zero damage to servers, data, and server racks.
Waterless system.
100% sustainable.
No clean up.
No downtime.