How Inergen works

The extinguishing principle utilised by INERGEN ® is called oxygen displacement.

The purpose of oxygen displacement is to reduce the oxygen level in the protected area so that the fire cannot “breathe”.

Inergen consists solely of gases that occur naturally in the atmosphere and is completely harmless to humans.

That’s why you should choose Inergen

  • It extinguishes fire quickly – typically in just 40 seconds.
  • Extinguishes fire completely – no re-ignition later.
  • Harmless to people and equipment.
  • Prevents secondary damage.

Inergen. Reliable and sustainable fire extinguishing within 40 seconds.

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Do like many others have done

You can use Inergen as fire protection in many different environments.
In Denmark alone, we have delivered over 3,500 installations.

Here are 5 good reasons to choose Inergen:

  • No damage to buildings, interior and equipment
  • No injuries to humans
  • Sustainable solution – harmless to the environment
  • No loss of revenue
  • A safe solution – all moving parts are tested after installation

Where can you use Inergen?

Fire can have fatal consequences for any business.

The cost in terms of money and resources can rapidly escalate, even if you have insurance that covers fire.

At the same time, a fire often means having to shut down your business for an extended period of time. This costs both in loss of revenue and reputation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you choose a fire extinguishing system with Inergen, you can forget sleepless nights.

  • Buildings

    Fire protection for all types of buildings – including listed buildings, places of residence, production buildings and so on.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Fire protection within pharmaceuticals – including warehouses, production facilities and dangerous goods.

  • Offshore and marine

    Fire protection of vital areas including engine rooms and electrical installations at extraction, production and treatment units within the oil and gas industry, the offshore wind turbine industry, and the marine sector

  • Data centers

    Fire protection of both large data centers and smaller server rooms.

Fire Eater Inergen FLEX

Use fire protection with Inergen in many different environments

Whether you need fire protection of data, archives, storage rooms, warehouse robots, batteries, listed buildings, museums, dangerous goods, cold storage, production lines, engine rooms, nursing homes or something completely different, an Inergen solution can provide optimal protection of your assets and staff.

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