Fire protection of server rooms

Avoid fire damage with an Inergen installation

The primary causes of fire in server rooms are overheated servers or a short circuit. If a fire should occur, it may have fatal consequences for any business. Repairing the damage may quickly mount to many thousands and valuable data, which is impossible to recreate, may be lost for ever. Subsequent downtime may also prove costly in terms of both loss of revenue and reputation.

But it does not have to be this way. Choose a fire extinguishing system with Inergen and you can avoid sleepless nights.

5 good reasons for using Inergen fire protection in server rooms

  • Automatic room extinguishing system – exceptionally effective solution of the utmost reliability.

  • No damage to data, server racks or expensive servers.

  • No personal injury – even if there are people in the server room when the Inergen system is activated.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly fire protection – harmless to the environment. Inergen is 100% sustainable and is composed of naturally occurring gases.

  • No loss of revenue owing to downtime.

Protect your server room from fire

Today, everyone without exception is dependent on their IT systems being available 24/7. Server rooms, therefore, are particularly sensitive to downtime. In many cases, if we cannot access our data and servers, we will be unable to get on with our work. Bearing this in mind, it is extremely important to protect server rooms from fire. A fire in a server room can result in huge financial and material losses – and even worse, harm to people.

With the right fire extinguishing system, you can protect your server room from fire and your company from downtime.

Fire protection with Inergen is suitable for large and small server rooms alike, regardless of whether your servers are located in an office or a room of their own.

Why use Inergen for firefighting?

Fires are rapidly extinguished – typically in just 40 seconds.
No re-ignition later. It extinguishes the fire completely.
Harmless to humans and equipment.
Prevents secondary damage.

How Inergen works in a server room

A detection system, e.g. an aspiration system, detects an incipient fire and automatically activates the Inergen system. This can then extinguish the fire at a very early stage. When, subsequent to detection, the system is activated, Inergen is efficiently spread throughout the room via nozzles, rapidly reducing the oxygen percentage to a level where fire is no longer possible. Although the Inergen system has been activated and the oxygen level has been reduced, it remains safe for people to stay in the room.


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What solutions should you choose for fire protection of a server room?

Depending on the type of server space you have, you can use different solutions.

An analysis of your needs, the building or the server room size, etc. can determine exactly which solution is best for you. All systems are dimensioned for the specific server room or building.

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    Inergen is an effective fire protection solution. It is also recognised as being safe for the environment, which fits very well with our green agenda.

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