Fire protection of production

How to avoid fire and consequential damages with Inergen

If a fire breaks out in a production hall, it can quickly result in damaged machines and lead to extensive operating losses. Damage may occur not only from the fire itself, but as secondary damage from the fire protection system used, such as sprinkler water, for example.

Choosing Inergen fire protection means you get a system that extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently – and you avoid secondary damage.

5 good reasons to using Inergen fire protection in production

  • Early fire detection.

  • Effective ‘3D-extinguishing’ – Inergen penetrates all machinery and cavities.

  • Safe for people – you can stay in the production area when the system is active.

  • No consequential damage to equipment – no downtime in production.

  • The Inergen system has all the necessary approvals.

Effective, safe fire protection of production with Inergen

Typically in less than 40 seconds, an Inergen system can extinguish a fire completely and prevent re-ignition. This makes Inergen an extremely effective extinguishing method.

Inergen consists of 100% natural gases, which are in the atmosphere. An Inergen system thus causes no consequential damage to materials, people or electronics. This means that even after a fire in production and activation of the system, it is possible to resume work immediately after the fire has been extinguished. It is safe for employees, moreover, to remain in the production hall when the Inergen has been activated.

An Inergen system from Fire Eater is built to deliver the highest quality and has all the necessary approvals. As the only system with inert gases, it has been developed so that you can carry out tests after installation. That’s your security for a system that works – every time.

Why use Inergen for firefighting?

It extinguishes fire quickly – typically in 40 seconds.
No re-ignition later. It extinguishes the fire completely.
Safe for people and no downtime in production.
Prevents secondary damage and has all necessary approvals.

This is how Inergen works in production halls

An Inergen system can be equipped with a very sensitive detection system, which detects an incipient fire very early in the course of the fire – and can automatically activate the system and extinguish the fire.

The system uses so-called 3D extinguishing. This means in concrete terms that Inergen, which is released under pressure, is distributed throughout the production – even in hard-to-reach places, e.g inside cavities in the machines, on shelves, in cabinets, etc. This makes this extinguishing method extremely effective and suitable for most types of production halls.


Which solution should you choose for fire protection of your production area?

Fire Eater has developed several special solutions, which make it possible to adapt the solution to your own specific requirements. An Inergen system allows great flexibility; among other things, the cylinder battery can be placed outside your production hall, in a separate room for example. It is also quick and easy to extend the solution to cover more areas of the business.

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