This is why you should choose Inergen

Non-toxic fire protection of valuables and buildings – without consequential damage from water and chemicals

Whether you need fire protection of data, archives, storage rooms, storage robots, batteries, buildings worthy of preservation, museums, professional items, cold storage, production, engine rooms, retirement homes, oil and gas – both off and onshore or whatever, then an Inergen solution can give you optimal protection of your valuables and your personnel.

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5 good reasons to choose Inergen® fire extinguishing solution

Fire Eater Inergen ingen skade materiel

1. No damage to equipment

Inergen extinguishes fire by lowering oxygen levels in the protected area from 20.9% to between 12-15%. The low oxygen level suffocates the fire before it develops. This means that you avoid consequential damage to building, interior, stock, data and process equipment, etc. It’s unique.

ingen personskade inergen

2. No harm for people

It is completely harmless for humans to remain in a room where an Inergen system has been activated. You may find that you breathe a little deeper than you usually do. This is because your brain wants the same amount of oxygen as before the system was activated and the oxygen level lowered. It happens completely automatically, and most people don’t even notice that it is happening.

Inergen miljørigtig

3. Sustainable solution – harmless to the environment

Inergen consists of natural gases (nitrogen 52%, argon 40% and carbon dioxide 8%). This means that there is no impact on the environment when a system is activated. No chemicals are used here. This makes the greenhouse effect neutral without any kind of impact on the ozone layer. We call this a sustainable solution.

Økonomi Inergen

4. No loss of turnover

If a fire occurs, the Inergen system is activated automatically and typically extinguishes the fire within 40 seconds and at the same time prevents re-ignition. We recommend that you ventilate the room in question afterwards – and when this is done, you can continue as if nothing had happened.

sikker Inergen

5. The world’s safest solution

An Inergen system from Fire Eater is tested in all moving parts after installation. Specially developed measuring equipment also makes it possible to routinely test the function of the components, and documents the reliability of the system. It is your security for a fire extinguishing solution – that works every time.

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