The Inergen Experience

Come and experience a live demonstration

It is rare to have the opportunity to help put out a fire and experience first-hand how the extinguishing method works in practice. But you can with us.

We perform regular full-scale demonstrations where you can experience what it is like when a fire is extinguished using Inergen. We call it “The Inergen Experience”. We can do this because it is safe for people to stay in a room where an Inergen system is activated.

I attended an event at Fire Eater, where we were standing in a room where an Inergen system was activated. I could barely feel any effect on my breathing, and was at the same time very impressed with how effectively the flames in the paraffin lamp were extinguished

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”I took part in an Inergen extinguishing demonstration at Fire Eater and was surprised at how effective it was at extinguishing a fire and how little I was able to notice it in relation to my own breathing.”

Inergen ingen personskade

“I am always very pleased when customers choose an automatic room extinguishing system to protect rooms that are vital to operations or that contain items of great value. It provides security both for the customer and for us as an insurance company to know that the solution chosen quickly and efficiently extinguishes fire without causing any consequential damage. Customers are often surprised when we point out the risk of a fire in, for example, a technical room, server room or the like, and how much disruption it would cause in daily operations.”


ingen personskade inergen

How “The Inergen Experience” takes place in practice

We open the event with an introduction to Inergen, and what happens in practice when an Inergen system is activated. This relates to both the physiological impact on your body and why Inergen is so suitable for extinguishing fires.

During the actual live demonstration, you are given a finger monitor that tracks your heart rate and oxygen saturation. The monitors are connected to a computer, which collects and displays all the data when the system is active. On a graph, you can follow the development in the emptying of the Inergen cylinder, the oxygen level in the room and your own individual data.

After the demonstration, we go through the data with you.

Events typically last 2 hours.

The Inergen experience Demo

Receive a visit from our demo-vehicle

If you wish to experience a live demonstration, we would be more than happy to pay you a visit with our demo-vehicle. It is equipped with an Inergen system, so we can give you a full-scale demonstration.

There is room for 12 people in the vehicle at a time. We are happy, though, to repeat the live demonstration if there are more people who want the experience than can fit in at once. You get a brief demonstration before we actually fire up so that everyone is informed about what is going to happen and how it will physiologically affect the body.

Events typically last 2 hours.

The Inergen experience Demobil

Contact us today

If you would like “The Inergen Experience”, write to us and we will contact you with information about the possibilities in your geographic area.

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