Marine fire protection

Extinguish fire safely without consequential damage with Inergen

If a fire occurs on a ship out to sea, help from land may be far away. Engine room fires in particular may have catastrophic consequences if they are not brought under control immediately. They can cause extensive material damage and ultimately threaten personal safety on board. For this reason, choosing a solution that minimizes the risk of fire damage is absolutely crucial.

With Inergen from Fire Eater you get a solution specifically designed to extinguish fire safely, rapidly and efficiently, and without consequential damage.

5 good reasons to use Inergen fire protection

  • Rapid tracing of fire upon detection.

  • Inergen typically extinguishes a fire within 40 seconds and prevents re-ignition.

  • Safe for people to stay in the room when the system is activated.

  • No consequential damage to material – rapid resumption of operations.

  • The system has obtained all necessary approvals (IMO, ABS, DNV).

Inergen, the safe, secure choice

Fire Eater Inergen systems are used on a wide range of different ship types, including container ships, tankers, cruise ships, offshore supply ships, wind turbine installation ships,fishing boats, ferries and battery-powered ships. Fire protection of ships is first and foremost about protecting engine rooms, pump rooms and control rooms. The Inergen system extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently, thereby minimising the risk of fire damage. At the same time, the extinguishing method is completely harmless to materials, so operations can be resumed immediately after a fire has been put out. Of paramount importance, however, is personal safety on board. Here, Inergen is the safe choice. It typically extinguishes a fire in just 40 seconds, and it is safe for people to stay in a room where a system is activated. Inergen provides safety for personnel and is thus to be preferred to CO2 for ships’ statutory full-coverage protection of engine rooms, pump rooms and control rooms.

Why use Inergen for fire extinguishing?

It typically extinguishes a fire in just 40 seconds.
No later re-ignition.
Harmless to humans and production.
Prevents secondary damage.
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