Marine fire protection

Extinguish fire safely without consequential damage with Inergen

If a fire occurs on a ship out to sea, help from land may be far away. Engine room fires in particular may have catastrophic consequences if they are not brought under control immediately. They can cause extensive material damage and ultimately threaten personal safety on board. For this reason, choosing a solution that minimizes the risk of fire damage is absolutely crucial.

With Inergen from Fire Eater you get a solution specifically designed to extinguish fire safely, rapidly and efficiently, and without consequential damage.

5 good reasons to use Inergen fire protection

  • Rapid tracing of fire upon detection.

  • Inergen typically extinguishes a fire within 40 seconds and prevents re-ignition.

  • Safe for people to stay in the room when the system is activated.

  • No consequential damage to material – rapid resumption of operations.

  • The system has obtained all necessary approvals (IMO, ABS, DNV).

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Inergen, the safe, secure choice

Fire Eater Inergen systems are used on a wide range of different ship types, including container ships, tankers, cruise ships, offshore supply ships, wind turbine installation ships, fishing boats, ferries and battery-powered ships.

Fire protection of ships is first and foremost about protecting engine rooms, pump rooms and control rooms.

Extinguish a fire in just 40 seconds

The Inergen system extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently, thereby minimising the risk of fire damage. At the same time, the extinguishing method is completely harmless to materials, so operations can be resumed immediately after a fire has been put out.

Of paramount importance, however, is personal safety on board. Here, Inergen is the safe choice. It typically extinguishes a fire in just 40 seconds, and it is safe for people to stay in a room where a system is activated. Inergen provides safety for personnel and is thus to be preferred to CO2 for ships’ statutory full-coverage protection of engine rooms, pump rooms and control rooms.

Why use Inergen for firefighting?

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How Inergen works on ships

An Inergen plant from Fire Eater must be triggered manually on a ship.

The facility uses a so-called 3D extinguishing system. This means that the air that is released under pressure is distributed everywhere in the room via nozzles – even in hard-to-reach places. This makes the extinguishing method particularly effective and suitable for protecting e.g. control room, pump room and machine.

Our plant has obtained all necessary approvals: IMO, ABS, DNV.

Fire Eater A/S firefighting

Which solutions should you choose for fire protection on a ship?

Fire Eater has developed a number of special solutions which make it possible to adapt the solution to your specific requirements.

The Inergen facility is built for great flexibility and you can e.g. place the bottle bank outside the room you want secured.

You can also easily and quickly expand the solution to other areas.

No-obligation advice from specialists

With no obligation to buy, you can receive a review of your specific fire protection requirements and advice on which solution would be best for you. We are also more than happy to prepare an offer.

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    Hvorfor Fire Eater?

    Bekæmp ilden med Fire Eater

    Brandforebyggelse er din bekymring, men det er vores ekspertise. Modtag det optimale brandsikringssystem med omfattende kundesupport, fra systemdesign til vedligeholdelsestjenester. Med over 40 års erfaring med inergen-teknologier og innovation bringer vi hyperfokuseret viden og en gennemprøvet løsning til dit datacenter.

    Vores systemer er omhyggeligt designet og fremstillet til at overholde strenge standarder, gennemgår strenge test- og certificeringsprocesser for at sikre overholdelse af internationale brandsikkerhedsregler. Vi leverer skræddersyede løsninger, der imødekommer dit anlægs unikke brandbeskyttelseskrav, hvilket sikrer optimal ydeevne, sikkerhed og problemfri integration.

    Ved at vælge Fire Eater vælger du en partner, der er dedikeret til at levere de værktøjer, der gør dit arbejde lettere.



    Fra brandsikker til fremtidssikret

    Vælg et bæredygtigt brandslukningsanlæg, der gavner din virksomhed og miljøet.

    Inergen er en inert gas, der er fuldstændig miljøvenlig og bæredygtig. Det er sammensat af naturligt forekommende atmosfæriske gasser, herunder 52% nitrogen, 40% argon og 8% kuldioxid.

    Inergen er helt sikkert at indånde og har et globalt opvarmningspotentiale (GWP) og ozonnedbrydningspotentiale (ODP) på nul. I modsætning til nogle brandslukningsmidler efterlader Inergen desuden ingen rester og kræver ingen oprydning efter udledning. Dette eliminerer behovet for omfattende oprydning eller dyr nedetid. Gør det til et omkostningseffektivt og fremtidssikret brandslukningssystem til datacentre.


    Hvorfor Inergen?

    Extinguish your risk

    Hold personer og aktiver sikre uden sekundær skade. Inergen® undertrykker effektivt brand på kun 40 sekunder og forårsager ingen skade eller skade på mennesker, udstyr eller planeten.

    Argum,enter for Inergen som brandbeskyttelse i energisektoren

    Hurtig og automatiseret responstid.
    Hurtig slukningshastighed.
    Gennemprøvet og pålidelig teknologi.
    Ingen efterfølgende genantændelse.
    Harmløs for mennesker.
    Automatisk rumspærringssystem.
    Ingen skader på servere, data og serverracks.
    Vandløst system.
    100% bæredygtig.
    Ingen oprydning.
    Ingen nedetid.

    Why Fire Eater?

    Fight fire with Fire Eater

    Fire prevention is your concern, but it’s our expertise. Receive the optimal fire protection system with comprehensive customer support, from system design to maintenance services. With over 40 years of experience with inergen technologies and innovation, we bring hyper-focused knowledge and a proven solution to your data center.

    Our systems are meticulously designed and manufactured to adhere to strict standards, undergoing rigorous testing, and certification processes to ensure compliance with international fire safety regulations. We provide customized solutions that cater to your facility’s unique fire protection requirements, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and seamless integration.

    By selecting Fire Eater, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to providing the tools that make your job easier.

    How it works

    How Inergen systems work in a data center

    The Inergen® fire suppression system is an automated solution designed to swiftly and effectively extinguish fires. It employs an aspiration system, which incorporates highly sensitive fire detection technology capable of identifying fires in their initial stages. Once a fire is detected, Inergen® is promptly released into the room. Reducing the oxygen level just enough to stop combustion, without posing any risk of harm to individuals present.

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    From fireproof to future-proof

    Choose a sustainable fire suppression system that benefits your business and the environment.

    Inergen is an inert gas that is entirely eco-friendly and sustainable. It is composed of naturally occurring atmospheric gases, including 52% nitrogen, 40% argon, and 8% carbon dioxide.

    Inergen is entirely safe to breathe and has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero. Additionally, unlike some fire suppression agents, Inergen leaves no residue and requires no cleanup after discharge. This eliminates the need for extensive cleanup or costly downtime. Making it a cost-effective and future-proof fire suppression system for data centers.

    Why Inergen?

    Extinguish your risk

    Keep people and assets safe with no secondary damage. Inergen® efficiently suppresses fire in just 40 seconds, causing no damage nor harm to people, equipment, or the planet.

    Reasons for inergen fire protection in your data center

    Quick and automated response time.
    Rapid extinguish rate.
    Proven and reliable technology.
    No subsequent re-ignition.
    Harmless to humans.
    Automatic room shut-off system.
    Zero damage to servers, data, and server racks.
    Waterless system.
    100% sustainable.
    No clean up.
    No downtime.

    How do you best

    extinguish a fire?

    It depends on many things - and you have several options.

    Get an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the various extinguishing methods.