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100% focus on Inergen fire protection

Since the invention of Inergen in 1984, we have maintained a 100% focus on delivering fire protection solutions with Inergen – now to the global market too. We dedicate all our resources to expanding our position as the world leader in Inergen fire protection – not just in terms of first-class quality but also with more systems installed than anyone else.


Quality is at the core of all our fire protection solutions. Our systems are developed by our own engineers from Fire Eater. All components are either custommade or specially selected to meet our vigorous quality requirements. We focus on even the smallest detail, constantly striving to develop further and improve our Inergen fire protection solutions. We carry out extensive inspection procedures daily and quality-control every single part several times to ensure we are able to deliver the highest quality at all times.


We work with purpose and dedication to find new innovative applications for fire protection with Inergen. Our innovative approach applies not only to the further development of our existing solutions, but also to finding new methods for effective fire protection. Inergen can be used in countless ways and we are constantly expanding our range of applications in collaboration with fire specialists, consultants and public authorities.


We quality control all our components. What is completely unique about an Inergen system from Fire Eater is that we are the only company in the market to be able to test all moving parts in our fire protection system. Indeed, we have developed special equipment for controlling and documenting the quality of the individual components. All our fire extinguishing systems are tested on site after installation. Only when all tests have been passed is the fire protection solution ready for use. This provides maximum security.


Being able to offer fire protection solutions that do not harm our environment has always been an important part of our DNA. Inergen consists exclusively of natural gases present in the atmosphere. We take pride in helping to protect our planet so that we can pass it on to our descendants with a clear conscience.


Our service begins from the very first contact. An in-depth needs assessment with an estimate for a specific Inergen fire protection solution and drawings, where applicable, are just part of what we have to offer. Our project department prepares fire protection solutions that are specifically adapted to the individual customer’s needs. Our skilled, certified installers ensure correct installation of the Inergen system. We also offer a service contract for maintenance and annual inspection of the Inergen system. And should an incident occur, and the Inergen system is triggered, we make sure any used cylinders are promptly replaced – because we know better than anyone that fire protection is a serious matter.

Represented worldwide

We have a constant focus on ensuring availability no matter where you are in the world. Our goal is for you always to have local access to the best advice and service. If you would like to experience a live demonstration of our Inergen fire protection solution – what we like to call “The Inergen Experience” – then this is available through our expanded network of skilled partners and our own branches around the world.

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