Fire protection in psychiatry

Should a fire start, avoid chaos with Inergen fire protection

In psychiatry, the likelihood of arson appears to be on the increase. Since evacuation is often both tricky and resource-intensive, and access routes for emergency services difficult, considerable demands are placed on emergency planning and any fire extinguishing systems. With Inergen, a robust and effective extinguishing system can be established, ensuring that fires are not allowed to develop and resultant large costs and downtime are avoided.

With Inergen you get an effective solution that makes it possible to maintain calm and control over the situation.

5 good reasons for using Inergen fire protection in psychiatry

  • Early detection of fire – so evacuation can be avoided.

  • Effective extinguishing – typically in less than 40 seconds.

  • Safe for patients and staff to remain on the premises during activation of the system – Inergen consists of 100% natural gases.

  • No cleaning up after sprinkler water, for example.

  • Quick return to normal operations.

Fire protection that provides security for both employees and patients

Arson, fires in kitchens or in the living rooms. There can be many reasons why a fire breaks out. Fire protection is about preventing the worst possible situation and having a safe extinguishing strategy and method in the event of an accident.

An Inergen system extinguishes fire both effectively and safely, so chaotic situations and evacuation may be avoided. The system uses only natural gases so it is safe for people to stay in the ward when the system is activated. And there is no messy water or foam to clear up afterwards.

Why use Inergen for firefighting?

Extinguishes fire quickly – typically in just 40 seconds.
No evacuation of patients or staff.
No re-ignition later. It extinguishes the fire completely.
Harmless to humans and the environment.

How Inergen works in psychiatry

An Inergen system is designed to respond quickly and automatically to any fire such as may occur in a psychiatric ward or residence. As soon as a fire is registered, the system is activated. Via nozzles which are located in the ceiling, the Inergen spreads throughout the room and the oxygen level is lowered sufficiently to extinguish the fire completely. Although the oxygen level is reduced, it remains safe for staff and patients to stay on the premises.


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Which solutions should you choose for fire protection in psychiatry?

Fire Eater has developed a wide range of special products that enable the Inergen system to be adapted to psychiatry’s special conditions and facility design. There is, for example, great flexibility in relation to piping and the location of the system’s cylinder battery. An analysis of your needs can clarify exactly which solution is best for you.

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    Inergen is an effective fire protection. It is also recognised as being safe for the environment, which fits very well into our green agenda.

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