Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Fire Eater. So it’s only natural that we have a wealth of approvals, which you will find on this page.

We focus on quality every day!

The approvals are your assurance that we are committed to quality in all that we do – not only with regard to our products, but also when it comes to the environment and, most importantly, the working environment.

How to obtain an approval

In order to obtain an approval, we must comply with some quality standards. We do this by describing the processes that underpin the work and testing that we undertake. In addition to the fact that the processes must be described, they must also be recognised and carried out by the employees who have the executive responsibility for each process.

The processes must comply with some standards in the field. Those responsible for the approval then regularly assess whether we are fulfilling our promises. After an in-depth audit, they approve and issue a certificate. The certificate is your stamp of approval and means that you can confidently ensure that our quality is as promised.

ISO approvals

Our ISO certifications cover the following areas: Quality, environment and working environment.

In Denmark, there are strict legal requirements when it comes to the environment and working environment. With the ISO certification, Fire Eater undertakes to have documented all processes regarding the environment and working environment. This is a prerequisite for obtaining the certification in the field.

The ISO 9001 certification is the basis for all our other approvals.

Other approvals

The many other approvals we have obtained allow us to sell our products globally. No matter where in the world we sell our solutions, we make sure that our quality is top notch. It provides security for our many customers around the world.

At the same time, the many approvals send a clear signal that we at Fire Eater are highly focused on complying with all the many standards and norms that are globally associated with working with products under pressure.

To see the different approvals, please click on the respective logo below.