Personsikker brandslukning til søs - Environmentally safe fire extinguishing without PFAS

A Comprehensive Comparison:
HFC-227ea vs. Inergen
Fire Extinguishing Systems

When protecting critical assets from fire, choosing the right clean agent system is crucial.

By definition, a clean agent is a gaseous fire suppressant that is electrically non-conducting and leaves no residue upon evaporation. This makes it ideal for protecting high-value items like historical artifacts or sensitive electronic equipment.

Fire suppression systems, also known as gas systems or clean agent systems, are typically of two types—halocarbon or inert. Two leading clean agent brands are HFC-227ea (halocarbon) and Inergen (inert). Both can effectively suppress and extinguish Class A, B, and C type fires. However, Inergen offers several key advantages that make it the preferred choice for most applications requiring high levels of safety, sustainability, and asset protection.