Personsikker brandslukning til søs

Inergen Experience visits Cambridge University Press & Assessment

It is perhaps appropriate that the Inergen Experience at Cambridge took place on the hottest day ever recorded in the UK with temperatures reaching 40-degree C.

With global warming being an issue concerning the whole planet, Inergen offers a natural solution, free from potentially damaging chemicals or damage to the environment.

A sustainable alternative

Inergen was the first truly environmentally friendly clean agent fire extinguishing system. It was developed in the 1980’s by Fire Eater to provide vital fire protection for high value assets and remove the catastrophic environmental effects to our planet of man-made chemicals used in all kinds of industry including fire protection. Initially the Halons that were used up to that time for both fixed fire systems and portable extinguishers, were identified as Ozone depleting and were phased out under the Montreal Protocol. The chemical gaseous replacements introduced for fire protection systems in the early 1990’s were found to have massive global warming potential (GWP) and production of these has since been vastly reduced to help our planet achieve climate change targets.

Why take the chance of using chemical agents for fire protection of your vital assets when there is a natural proven alternative available, with Inergen.

Fire Eater Inergen miljørigtig