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Efficient and sustainable fire protection of green supercomputer

Protecting one of the world’s most powerful computers against fire sets certain requirements. Choosing an Inergen®️ system as fire protection made the CSC management sleep safe at night. Also it provided them with a future proof solution for the data center and the environment.

Fire protection of the LUMI Supercomputer

Recently CSC data center in Kajaani (Finland) became home to one of the world’s fastest and most powerful computers within the field of artificial intelligence and research, the LUMI Supercomputer. This was the reason for the company to look for a solution for fire extinguishing with one main criteria: Reducing the risk of fire to a minimum – and avoiding any consequential damage in case of a system release.

The Finnish company AGIS Fire & Security Oy was selected as a total contractor meeting all the requirements for the project: Price, a system based on inert gases and component approvals being the most important ones.

Since 1993 AGIS Fire & Security Oy has been providing fire protection to the Finnish market based on the Inergen®️ (inert gases) – a product developed by the Danish company Fire Eater.

Inergen i Københavns Lufthavn