Fire protection – without operational disruptions

Fire protection of a warehouse with flammable liquids is challenging.

DLG chose Fire Eaters Inergen® solution, which was the most efficient and economical extinguishing method. At the same time, the solution could help minimize disruptions to operations in case of a fire in the newly built logistics center.

Fire protection of flammable liquids

Sprinkler fluid and fly poison are among the flammable liquids that are currently stored at a height of up to eight meters in the 3,600 m3 warehouse at DLG in Taulov. The liquids are disinfectant products used in agriculture for cleaning e.g. stables and milking parlours.

When the logistics center was to be built, it was a requirement on the part of the fire authorities that the liquids should be stored in an enclosed room, which was fireproofed. A possible fire could spread quickly to the 28,000 m2 main warehouse, which stores grain and wood pellets among others.

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