Firefighting without water – securing cultural heritage for posterity

Firefighting with water can have major consequences for buildings and contents worthy of preservation. Such consequences were exactly what the owners of the Norwegian manor house Fossesholm wanted to avoid. That’s why they chose Fire Eater’s solution for fire protection. What’s more, the solution had to be as discreet as it was effective so that guests’ experience of the building would be undisturbed.

In Norway, the state has devised a national prevention strategy, with particular efforts aimed at preserving the country’s cultural heritage. The stricter requirements were the reason why Fossesholm Manor in 2015 began to investigate the market for solutions for fire protection.

Effective and discreet fire protection

Fossesholm Manor is a wooden construction through which a fire could spread quickly. At the same time, it is a living environment featuring events, exhibitions and concerts. Therefore, it was important to find a solution that could both suffocate a fire quickly and, at the same time, was sufficiently discreet so that visitors could continue to experience the building’s beautiful rooms without being disturbed by fire-extinguishing installations.

Fosseholm inergen brandsikring - Fosseholm Manor