Discreet installation and rapid fire extinguishing

This church has a very special history and is of great importance to the residents of Magerøya in Nordkapp Municipality. Therefore, it has also been extremely important to ensure that the church is properly fireproofed. For the first time since the church was built, the island’s residents and those in charge of the building can now be confident that fire safety has been properly addressed.

This simple, beautiful wooden building from 1885 is the oldest building on Magerøya in northern Norway and the first church in Scandinavia to be fireproofed with an Inergen system from Fire Eater.

The reason why this particular church is so important to the residents of Magerøya dates back to the Second World War. At the end of the Second World War, the German occupying forces withdrew from Finnmark and used “scorched earth tactics” to prevent Soviet forces from taking advantage of resources in the area. So it was a sad sight that greeted the evacuated residents when they returned to the island in the summer of 1945.

Inergen i Københavns Lufthavn