Fire protection for biogas plants

Sindal Biogas produces green energy that can heat approximately 13.000 households annually. They have a strong focus on sustainability. Inergen® was therefore an obvious choice when they needed to choose a new fire extinguishing solution for their technical room.

When Sindal Biogas expanded and built a new technical building in 2020, they chose an Inergen  extinguishing system from Fire Eater to protect the sensitive equipment in both the existing technical room and the new one. The technical building is the heart of a biogas plant, which controls all the processes in the complex path from agricultural and industry waste to valuable biogas and digested fertilizer, and more. Biogas plants are an important piece of the green transition, and it was important for Sindal Biogas to choose a solution that was environmentally neutral without any use of harmful chemicals with PFAS.

An efficient and reliable system

In a technical room with switchboards, junction boxes, servers, etc., there is an increased risk of fire, and a potential fire there could mean a long period of production downtime. Sindal Biogas chose to install an automatic extinguishing system in both the existing server room and the new one. In the old technical room, they chose to use the existing detection system with conventional smoke detectors, while in the new technical room, they chose an aspiration system, which ensures early and effective detection.

Inergen i Københavns Lufthavn Sindal Biogas plant