Service and sustainability are important for Arelion

Watch the video where Preben Hauge, Network Manager Denmark, explains why they have chosen Inergen® from Fire Eater.

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Arelion Denmark



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Data Center


9 locations in Denmark are protected with Inergen (801 300 bar). The largest installation has 42 cylinders, which protects two separate rooms (multi zone).

Contact person – Fire Eater

Bjørn Simonsen, KAM

Mobile: +45 2016 7816

Arelion is the world’s #1 Internet backbone. The world’s largest operators, content providers and enterprises are using Arelion´s services all over the world

The most important issue for Arelion regarding fire protection is that they can keep our operations running 24/7/365.

Sustainability is also a very important subject to them since they support sustainable growth. This is also the reason why they choose a clean agent, which does not affect the environment when fired off.

Arelion has been using Inergen as fire protection for more than 20 years. They are using it at all their 9 sites in Denmark. And the biggest site that they have has a capacity of 42 cylinders.

The cylinder battery of 42 bottles is protecting two buildings separately.

And as Preben Hauge says: “One of the good issues about Fire Eater’s service is that we have a 2-hour response time in case of emergency”.

The most important thing for Arelion is that the product is safe for people and their equipment is not harmed when the Inergen is released and after ventilating the room in case of a fire, they can take the equipment into use again.

“For us it is very important in relation to Fire Eater that we have a company that we can trust and who provides a very good service to us, says Preben Hauge.

If a fire is not extinguished quickly, we will have interruption in our service and downtime for our customers.

I would recommend Fire Eater to other companies in the industry as they have a very good product and a smashing service”.