Inergen® inert gas in rack modular cylinders provides 24/7 fire security

In today’s competitive consumer market companies have been forced to re-evaluate the logistics surrounding packaging and handling of products. This has greatly shifted the focus towards fewer, larger storage facilities. But now with everything under one (very large) roof, how is it best protected?

The solution is implemented by Fire Eater in partnership with Fire and Security Techniques, South Africa.

Cold storage warehouses present specific fire protection challenges:

  • Shelving needs to be closely spaced to optimise usage, but this creates tight spaces for fire suppresant to penetrate.
  • Food colouring and other products within frozen foods are flammable, frozen foods themselves are often classified as a class I or Class II commodity.
  • The cardboard packaging of the products is also combustible; the cold air dries the cardboard making it more flammable than usual.
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