Safety is the focal point of all our choices – including where fire protection is concerned

IT is a vital part of daily operations at Copenhagen Airport, which has chosen Inergen® from Fire Eater to fireproof critical IT and technology rooms to safeguard against disruptions in operations.

Copenhagen Airport is Northern Europe’s largest and most important hub for air traffic to the whole world.  The airport maintains a high level of security, both when it comes to protecting people and assets – and not least in ensuring smooth daily operations with everything from buildings and runway lights to IT.

Fire protection for crucial IT and technology rooms

Today, 72 rooms with IT and technology have been protected with Inergen, and more are to follow. New IT is constantly being added, resulting in changes to infrastructure at regular intervals and expanding the number of technical rooms.

“The airport is constantly developing, and when we build a new technical room, a careful assessment is made as to whether the room’s function is so crucial that a fire could lead to unacceptable downtime on critical systems. If that is the case, the room will be fireproofed”, says Helene Mai Anisimov, Fire Safety Manager at Copenhagen Airport.

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